How to get relationship info of your man


It is so easy for many girls falling in love to a ‘hot smart’ or ‘nice rich’ guy. Many of you are dating a man without really knowing the guy well, and have no idea of who he is and what he wants out of life and his intimate relationship, and then got frustrated, heart broken, self-doubting etc.

I have been there, got frustrated in dating, and kept banging my head towards a wall many times because I could not get his love for around 7 years, and did not know how to get love from him. When I recall moments of that particular relationship: feeling of heart broken, violating my own boundaries to get attention from him, depression, jealousy, felt not being valued and cherished, desperation, pleasing him, blaming him, cold wars with him, feeling lost… when I look back my failed intimate relationship life in the past, I really arise a sense of compassion and empathy towards myself: “Sweet heart, come here, let me hug you and comfort you, you are loved here forever no matter what!”

BUT NOW, I know how to figure out what a man wants out of his relationship and life, his life vision, needs map and any other important information about him if we spend some time together with some basic rapport. 

As Jesus Christ said: “Ask, you shall receive.” We are living in a dichotomy world, that means A Problem has an Answer. How to get the answer of a problem is to raise a good Question! Yep, Einstein Albert said this universal truth. I am so exciting to know this, and getting good at doing it to benefit my life.

Now I am sharing you these 3 great questions that reveal the most important relationship information of your man. 

Let’s imagine the scenario that you are spending time with a guy you really like, when you feel like both you and he are happy, and his mind is in an open state to share information about him, and is willing to know you. Here is how you talk with him.

You say: “Imagine a guy is in love with an amazing girl, and is committing to her happily now.

1) What would be the 3 things he enjoys the most about the relationship? 

The answer of this question tells you the outcome he wants from a relationship.

2) What does it mean for you? (ask this question on all of the most important things) 

The answer of this question tells you the transformational benefits he wants from the relationship.

3) Why is that you enjoy that the most for you? (ask this question on all of the most important things)

The answer of this question tells you his deepest core needs.

When he gives you the answer of these questions, he is actually giving you information based on his perspectives about his committed happy relationship, because most often we share things in our own individual perspective. Does it make sense for you?

Once you know the outcome, transformational benefits, and his core needs that he wants from a relationship, then you have a map to love him better, and speak his language. Thus less frustration, less heart broken suffering, and you will have the clarity and the confidence to progress the relationship with him faster, or decide to disqualify him. 

Okay ladies, I hope this article inspired you.

Thanks for reading! Take care, enjoy dating and love yourself.


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