How to make a man pre-own you as girlfriend?


It is easy for lots women to attract a man, but when a man is very attractive for a woman, and then it is not that easy for her to make him as her boyfriend.

Today I want to tell you that you can change this disaster situation. When a man pre-owns you as his girlfriend, then that he makes you his girlfriend becomes effortless.

Since we are born, we are having a relationship with everything consciously or unconsciously. If we are having a relationship with something unconsciously, and if there is a problem about that relationship, we cannot fix it because we do not know the root cause of that problem. Knowing the root cause of an issue within a relationship, then we can progress a relationship towards a healthy direction. So in order to have a relative conscious relationship with a man, we have to understand and know him inside out.

Understand him: He is made up of “He and His PPT”. 

1) He. 

My understanding about “He” includes the following attributes.

a) His character. Character is a state of being.

Some Positive state of being includes: wise, calm, courageous, brave, generous, rich, kind, persistent, perseverant, powerful, responsible, benevolent…;

Some negative state of being includes: Or coward, niggardly, shortsighted, fussy, gossip, jealousy, malicious, violent….

b) Body, emotion, Beliefs, His dream. 

How is the relationship between him and his body, emotion, beliefs, his dreams?

Does he love his body?

How does he handle his emotions? Especially the negative emotion.

What does he believe?

What’s his dream in his life?

c) His needs (certainty, variety, relationship, respect, contribution).

How to choose Mr. Right?

Among these 5 needs, which needs are the two or three core needs of him?

d) His wants. 

What does he want? And why he wants those things?

2) His PPT (people, places, things).

Who are his people that he respects and loves?

Where are the places that he likes?

What are the things that he likes? Could be hobbies or fashions or food etc.

Human Nature and how man makes decision have principles. They are: 

1) Man chooses you as girlfriend because his own reasons not only because you are a good smart sexy girl.

2) His wants are driven by his needs.

3) Man (human) seeks pleasure, avoids pain.

4) His emotional mind makes decision, his rational mind justify his decision.

You have to follow the principles above when you are dealing with man.

How to make a man pre-own you as girlfriend? 

1) Decide whether his wants are the same as your wants or not. 

If he just wants a friend with benefit relationship, and you want a relationship, do not date him.

2) Decide whether his character and beliefs are what you like or not. 

If you do not like his character and do not agree with his beliefs, please do not date him.

3) Have a good relationship with “He and his PPT”. 

When you dealing with a wise man, you cannot be dishonest with him;

When you dealing with a brave man, you cannot use a bad situation to scare him;

When you dealing with a kindhearted man, you cannot buy him expensive gift to keep him.

When you are dealing with a promicious man, having sex with him won’t keep him;

When you are dealing with a stupid man, he might not know when you cheat him; but do you want to keep a stupid man?

Make him feel negative about HE and His PPT won’t make him feel good. So his emotional mind won’t pre-own you as his girlfriend.

4) Proceed Relationship in an orderly way and step by step. 

Nurturing Relationship is like planting a seed, watering it. When the plant is just a seed, after you plant it inside the soil, you just water a little, otherwise the seed will be drowned; when the plant sprouts, you water a bit more; when the plant becomes bigger, you water more. Keep watering the plant in right frequency and amount of water, the seed is growing naturally, so does the relationship. You cannot push it grow but keep nurturing it with patience based on your understanding about this man and yourself.


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